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PhiBrows, a European company founded by Branko Babic, is globally recognized for its standards of excellence in the field of permanent makeup. Its world renowned techniques, tools, and practices have labeled PhiBrows as the gold standard for Microblading and other cosmetic services. Read below for 5 reasons that set PhiBrows and its artist apart from the rest:

1. Training: PhiBrows artists go through a rigorous certification process that includes a 2-day live training event, immediately followed by a 6-month online course. This course requires the student to master 11 individual modules in order to qualify for the PhiBrows Microblading Artist Certificate. Throughout the training, the student is coached by world renowned master microblading professionals to ensure complete mastery of skills.

2. Eyebrow Mapping: A large portion of your microblading appointment will be spent strategically mapping out the shape and style of your new brows using the PhiBrows Golden Ratio mapping technique. The Golden Ratio enables PhiBrows artists to determine the correct proportions of your bone structure, and therefore shape the brows to align perfectly to your face. The careful mapping of brows is an integral part of the PhiBrows microblading experience.

3. Products: Branko Babic has made it his mission to provide the safest and highest quality pigments in the industry. These pigments are continuously manufactured without the presence of heavy metals, and are also vegan and cruelty-free. These products are certified quality and are sure to last without the risk of changing colors.

4. Tools: PhiBrows tools have been meticulously crafted and tested to give artists the most realistic hair-strokes possible. Made from high quality stainless steel, all hand-held tools are sterile and disposable to ensure safety. PhiBrows tools are created with the artist and the client in mind. 

5. Safety + Support: A beneficial perk of becoming a PhiBrows certified artist is the direct access to staffed physicians who provide expert medical advice on the appropriate precautions, unsuitable pathologies, and medications to be avoided for microblading procedures. The physician - artist support is unique to the PhiBrows academy, and is extremely useful in maintaining the utmost safety in all microblading appointments.

It is for this reason and many more that PhiBrows artists are highly recommended if you are seeking the best microblading results.